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Who owns Audi how does he feel





Audi is a worldwide luxury car brand, which is the oldest of the cars sold in all the countries of the world.big Question Who owns Audi how does feel in society

Audi is a German car brand. The Germans hear the name of the car brand. There is no doubt in the mind of the people because the automobile industry is known for its strength and good technology.

Audi German luxury brand owned by Volkswagen Group is said differently depending on what part of the country

Who Make Audi

most of the people thinking in your mind and a bunch of question-related Audi like who make Audi? where to make Audi car?, Audi car factory? and many more owners of the Audi car brand? don’t worry guys I tell you just a few mins.

German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets, and distributes luxury vehicles and Audi Headquator Ingolstadt Germany

Top Selling Audi cars

Some of Audi’s colleges have world wide top selling, those who tell you about them like models Audi A4 ,Audi A3,Audi A6,Audi Q3,Audi Q5,Audi Q7,Audi Q8,Audi TT,Audi Most famous Sport Car Audi R8

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