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Ford Ranger Raptor Launched in India Mid-2021



if you anyone love to adventure in Indian but sadly no much options adventure vehicle available. Hey raptor lover good news for you Ford planning launched in India Range Raptor Pickup truck in mid of 2021

right now India is a massive market for a vehicle but, ford planning to import the pickup truck Raptor in India in the next year 2021

currently, in my own country, only one pickup in the country is Isuzu D-Max V-Cross which is yet to come with BS6 emission state but the second option will be available in a few months.

however Ranger Raptor pickup. Based on similar running gear as the Ford Endeavour SUV. The company is likely to import this high-performance SUV which is propelled by a 3.2-litre bi-turbo engine.

Ford Ranger Raptor is essentially Endeavour’s pick-up version and both the SUVs look quite similar Deign and features

But the Raptor gets a large grille flanked by quad-beam LED headlamps.The Raptor gets a different rear-end design on the account of vertical tail lights and ‘Raptor’ badging on the tailgate.

Is Ford Raptor available in India?

yes, finally Ford is planning to import the Raptor pickup truck in India. and also We will get to see Raptor pickup truck Indian road in 2021
I can’t wait for Ranger Raptor in India

What’s the difference between Ford Ranger and Ford Raptor?

Guys, I tell you the story behind the Ford Ranger and Ford Raptor situation, people are confused of Ranger vs Raptor FAQ?

The Ford Endeavour that comes in our country is known as Ford Ranger in the global market. It is sold in the Indian market under the name of Endeavor.

And if the Raptor comes as the pickup truck, then the Ranger Raptor pickup truck is called in India we will get the name of the raptor

Is the Ford Raptor a good truck?

The question is whether the Ford Ranger Raptor is a very good truck. There is no doubt that it is a good pick up truck, but it depends that

  1. what you need?
  2. what you want to use for the truck?
  3. what is the biggest issue?

If you are fond of adventure. Want to do mountains on and you want to off-road. And like to travel more. Camping can be one of your first choices. Ford raptor

It is a very good truck to use for fun to drive. Within India, this is going to be another option for people in pickup trucks

Why Raptor is so expensive?

The first thing is the Raptor is performance pickup truck, in which you will be given all the facilities, it means that all the latest technology has been seen, then it is justified to be expensive.

he extra expense is justified by the use of high performance engines, heavy-duty transmissions, specialized suspension pieces, wheels and tires, body accessories like flares and spoilers and deluxe interiors. With the Raptor, this is especially true

The Raptor which will be priced in the Indian market and will be kept under 50 lakhs and it is a very large amount, so it is also the reason for being the most expensive. That Ford Import will cost so much in India.

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